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Charity Fair at Lockerbie Academy – 16th June
Lockerbie Academy Charity Fair Summer 2023

Following an invitation from Dumfries and Galloway Third Sector we took part in the Charity Fair at Lockerbie Academy to promote the work of the DCGR. This was not a fundraiser but an event to promote local charities in the Lockerbie area to show the students what community organisations are available and what they do.

Graham and Margaret Hill with Honey and Rhys spent the full day there on June 16th and were joined by Arthur Robinson with Rascal and Milo for the morning session.

The greyhounds were the stars of the show as ever with many, many students making a beeline for the DCGR table.

The dogs were exceptionally well behaved and whilst the students may not yet be ready to adopt their own dog, they asked intelligent and searching questions about our charity and greyhounds so hopefully the seed of adopting a greyhound has been planted for the future.

It was a fantastic opportunity to also meet up with other local charities and organisations and we are very grateful to have been invited. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello and hope to see you all at the next event.

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