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Guid Nychburris Day Parade, Dumfries – 18th June 2022
A group get ready for a parade in Dumfries 2022

On Saturday 18th June DCGR joined the Guid Nychburris Day Parade in Dumfries. Not only did we promote all things greyhound, but we also celebrated our 20th Anniversary of being a Charity and what a Greyt day it was!

Literally thousands of people turned up to see this year’s Parade. We had a wonderful time showing off our greys and the public just lapped it up.

We had a specially decorated Greyhound Trailer and plenty of supporters and dogs in tow and as we went through the streets all you heard was oohs and aahs and cheers and clapping for our greys!

And it wasn’t just the crowds cheering us on, the judges awarded us 2nd place in the Walking Section and commented how well behaved the greyhounds were despite all that was going on.

Of course the stars as ever were the magnificent dogs. This wasn’t a fundraiser but a promotional event and we certainly did just that. The greyhounds were all so well behaved and super examples of why we are still going after 20 years and over 1850 re-homed hounds!

We are hoping we raised the profile of these fantastic animals and perhaps inspired a few new people to enquire about adopting a Greyhound.

Thank you as ever to everyone who joined us on the parade, helped make it happen and supported us from near and far. And special thanks to Margaret and Graham Hill for organising such a fantastic day and keeping us all in good order. Roll on next year and see you all there!

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