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The Things We Do For Hounds – 10th July 2022
Port Logan Fundraiser Summer 2022

On Sunday 10th July some wonderful people did some wonderful things to raise money for our homeless hounds. Jade and her human helpers made £137.14 for DCGR at the Port Logan Craft Fair. Wow!

Huge thank yous to Trish Doyle, Nathan and Vicky for their hard work, and also to Melanie and Liz for their kind donations. They raised £11.39 in the ‘money in the jar’ alone and the prizes were won by K. James from Drummore. A big thank you must also go to Robert Shaw as he was the driving force behind making some money for the DCGR Greyhounds.

And it wouldn’t have been possible without young Nathan who stayed up until 10.30 the night before baking for the sale. Otherwise Trish would have had nothing to sell for the table, so thank you both for all your hard work!

And in aid of her fellow Greyhounds, Jade met and greeted people for the best part of 4 hours at the event. When asked for a comment she said, “zorsted!” We wish her a speedy recovery!!

Thank you from all of us at DCGR to Jade and her adopters all for the amazing work and the wonderful things you do for Hounds!

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