Events & News

The DCGR is a charity staffed entirely by volunteers and funded entirely from the income generated at events, fundraisers and donations from our generous supporters and adopters.

We like to promote greyhounds as pets and get involved in community events where we often have a fundraising stall selling our large range of hound essentials, gifts and handmade crafts. The stars of the show are always the greyhounds who come along to meet you.

Whether it’s our own event to “Meet & Greet A Greyhound” or taking part in a local show, we welcome you to come along, enjoy the fun and see what we are all about.

We also produce a seasonal newsletter to showcase our greyhounds looking for homes. It’s a fantastic forum for articles about greyhounds, rehoming stories and a place to share updates on our various activities.

Please have a look at our latest news and we hope to see you at the next event soon.

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