Our Dogs

The Perfect Pet:
From Racer to 45 Mile Per Hour Couch Potato.

A dog at home lying in its bed

We look for new, forever homes for retired or injured ex-racing greyhounds. We never put a healthy dog to sleep and will endeavour to find a dog a new home or foster home for as long as it takes.

Please have a look at our homeless greyhounds currently needing your help and contact us for more information about adopting or fostering a dog.

You may also like to read about our rehoming process and our adoption advice. And we have included some frequently asked questions and answers to start your journey. But if you have any other questions please get in touch for a brief, no obligation chat. We’d love to hear from you.

Adopt a greyhound with our help, make a new best friend and change their life forever.

Bramble is wearing a doggy neckerchief

Available Dogs To Rehome Or Foster

A gorgeous black greyhound smiles

Our Adoption Process And Advice

A fawn and white greyhound by the beach

Frequently Asked Questions

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