Dog Of The Month


Every month we have a special appeal for the “Dog Of The Month”,

a particularly special dog who needs your help to find a home.

This month’s dog is Shannon…

Some greyhounds hoping for homes are overlooked and take longer to find their forever families. Factors like size, age, colour and gender, can influence people’s initial enquiries or interest in photos of homeless hounds.

So sometimes we need to ask you to just come and meet a dog to fall in love in person. Shannon is such a dog. We love her and we know you will too.

Shannon is 4 years old, a lovely long and well built girl, with a shiny black coat and a face that may look older than her years because of her gorgeous silver colourings.

Shannon is so affectionate she will steal your heart when she cuddles into you, snuggles on the sofa and turns her stunning big eyes in your direction. She absolutely loves her toys and will make you laugh at her antics especially with her favourite ball.

Shannon is so easy to walk on the lead and friendly with everyone she meets even polite children. And if you can give her the chance to get securely off lead you’ll see her kick up her heels with joy and zoom about with happiness.

Shannon already lives in a foster home. She is house-trained and quiet overnight. She can climb stairs, is used to all the sights and sounds in a home and has been left on her own for a couple of hours without any issues.

She isn’t worried by traffic but can still be a little timid in new situations and she absolutely loves her food, nearly as much as she loves being with you and being involved in your life.

She has been a racer so Shannon is not suited to living with small furry companions or cats but has happily been in foster with other greyhounds so could live with other similar sized friends or equally as happy as an only dog with all your attention.

Shannon is still learning to meet smaller dogs and can occassionally give an excited bark but is such a clever girl and is learning all about life very quickly in her foster home.

Please consider this gorgeous, gentle, cuddly, zooming loving, funny girl who is the most overlooked best friend we have waiting for a home.

She is just waiting for her special someone to walk in and give her the opportunity to shine. Could that be you?

So please get in touch today to arrange to meet Shannon and learn more about what a wonderful companion she will make.

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