About DCGR

Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue

We are a registered Scottish charity with no paid staff, just a group of like minded volunteers whose prime objective is the re-homing of retired ex-racing and coursing Greyhounds.

Our focus is their welfare and care for as long as it takes to find safe, loving, forever homes for the dogs.

We receive all our income from fundraising events, generous adoption and supporter donations and sales from our Charity Shop in Lockerbie.

All the funds raised are used for the welfare of the dogs in our care, including kennel fees (we don’t operate our own kennels), feeding costs, vet fees, fostering costs and administration expenses.

We hope our events and community involvement raises public awareness of the plight of ex-racing dogs and promotes greyhounds as a breed of loving, gentle and loyal family pets.



Years Of Experience

We are a small but dedicated team of volunteers and supporters

Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue is a registered charity and licensed under the Animal Welfare Act for the Rehoming of Animals.

So if you live in Dumfriesshire, Cumbria or further afield and would like to support our charity, you could consider giving one of these wonderful animals a home. But you can also donate, foster a dog, or assist with transporting, help at fundraising events or even work at the charity shop for a few hours a week as a volunteer. 

All you need is some time and a big heart to get involved and help some greyhounds in need.

How To Get Involved

Contact Us For More Information

Arthur Robinson &
Graham Hill

DCGR Charity Founders

“In late 2001, two like minded people met following a greyhound adoption from another homing charity and decided to form a local charity in Dumfries and Galloway. That two, Arthur Robinson and Graham Hill, became 10 when other local “adopters” became involved and in early 2002, Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue became Scottish Charity SC032858.

A few years later and to reflect an increased support from Cumbria, the charity became Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue.

The rest, as they say, is history and DCGR has become a very successful Greyhound homing charity.”

Founder Graham at an event

We provide care for 12 to 15 dogs at a time on a rolling basis as we endeavour to find new forever homes for these affectionate animals.

Registered Scottish Charity No. SC032858

Animal Rehoming Licence No. 073193

Some Of Our Own Hounds



“DCGR is an amazing charity and so friendly.

I am pleased to support them in the coming years and I know the cash I raise and donate will be put to good use”.


Emma Maxwell

Proprietor , Kirkgunzeon Canines Freedom Field

“I am very gratified that the Charity which we started in 2002, to find homes for retired greyhounds and to prevent them being put to sleep on completion of their racing careers, has been such a success. In the 20 years since, we have homed over 1900 retired greyhounds with more than 100 this year. Long may this success continue!”

Arthur Robinson MBE

Honorary President and Co-Founder of the DCGR

“When, in 2009, I adopted my first greyhound from DCGR, I had no experience of the breed and was grateful for the follow up advice and support on offer. Now, 22 greyhounds later, I am proud to be involved with such a supportive and hard working charity dedicated to the rehoming of these lovely dogs.”

Dora Sweetman

Member and long time supporter of the DCGR

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