Foster A Dog

Lucky is an older dog with a beautiful face

What Does Fostering Involve?

The majority of hounds coming into our care will have known only a life in kennels. So the role of a foster carer is the first important step on their road to a happy life as a pet.

As a foster carer, you will look after a dog in your own home exactly as you would with your own dog, by providing sufficient food, water, shelter and exercise. We ask you to teach them the basics including toilet training and to assess their behaviours in a variety of situations to enable us to successfully match the dog to the right forever home.

All equipment and expenses are covered, including veterinary bills and dog food.

Freckle is black with white flecks that look like snowflakes

Who Can Foster?

Almost everyone!

Our only stipulation is no homes with cats or very young children simply because we rarely have any prior knowledge of the dogs coming into our care and want everyone to be safe.

We start by arranging a home visit. This is a chance for you to get to know us, our organisation and our expectations of foster carers. It also helps us to get to know you and your routine.

If, after the home visit, both parties are happy to proceed then you will be asked to sign a Fostering Agreement. We will then be in touch as soon as we have a dog for you.

Frankie the ex-coursing greyhound looks into a field

What Will I Need To Do?

We will ask you to tell us information about how your foster dog reacts in certain situations:

  • Can the dog be left alone for a few hours?
  • How does the dog behave in busy or noisy situations (such as the traffic in a town/city)?
  • Will the dog walk nicely on a lead?
  • Does the dog travel well in the car or public transport?
  • How does the dog react to meeting small or other breed dogs, cats and children?

We will ask for regular updates and photos which will be shared online to help us find a forever home.

Support is always only a phone call away; we would rather know of any issues as soon as they occur so we can help to resolve them. On the rare occasion that a foster placement does not work out, the dog will be removed as soon as possible.

Leah is a full of life cheeky girl

How Long Will The Dog Be In Foster Care?

​This can be anything from a week to a few months until a forever home is found. Regular updates and photos really do help rehoming.

If you have a limited length of time you can foster please discuss this with us in advance of each foster.

Dudley is a handsome Blue dog

What Happens If I Want To Keep The Dog?

We know it happens – a lot! If you find you just cannot part with your foster dog, please tell us as soon as possible.

We are delighted for any dog to find a forever home and you are able to adopt the dog like anyone else… and join our growing team of “Failed Fosterers”!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please get in touch if you would like to foster a dog or just to hear more information.

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