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Kirkgunzeon Canines Freedom Field Donation – 5th March
Kirkgunzeon Canines

Emma Maxwell at Kirkgunzeon Canines has done it again!

Emma has made a marvellous donation collected from her generous customers at her Freedom Field, her safe running exercise and training facility in Kirkgunzeon near Dumfries. Emma leaves a collection tin in the The Pup Hut where her customers can have a coffee or tea while their dogs run free in the secure field and generously donates the income to DCGR for our greyhounds.

Not only is Emma a long time supporter of DCGR she is also a great friend of the charity and we were delighted to see her new onsite shop selling natural dog food and treats business called “Raw Meats And Treats” also doing so well.

When all her donations were counted it was over £100.00 and DCGR  is so very grateful for her continued support and the generosity of her customers who obviously have taken our small charity to their hearts.

Thank you all so much, especially from the greyhounds in our care until they find their permanent homes, who benefit from all your hard work.

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