Biggles is a lovely big boy who has recently arrived at DCGR. He loves a car trip and he is a friendly and affectionate dog. He is neutered and vaccinated and is really hoping to meet his forever family soon.


Magnificent Matt is Looking For His Forever Home Matt has just arrived with us. He’s a 3 year old large boy. We are just in the process of getting to know him, but so far we know he loves to play with a ball! We will provide more updates as we get to know him...


Can ya give Aine a home? Aine has started to chill out and is enjoying her new pace of life. She loves going for walks with volunteers and is a fun, happy, affectionate and confident greyhound. She can live with male or female greyhounds and has started to be...


Dave is a Delight! Dave is a 4 year old brindle boy who seems to be very affectionate! As soon as we learn more about him, we will update his profile


Sensational Simon Could Be Homeward Bound Simon is a 2 year old lad with a lovely temperament. He is neutered and vacinated – we are looking forward to learning all about him so watch this space!
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